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Britiville, LLC Founded by Briti Black is a Multi-Award Winning diversified company that holds subsidiaries within interests of Briti Black. From Entertainment Production with Britiville Entertainment Group, LLC. Britiville, LLC also acts as the Rights and Estate holders of Briti Black including all copyrights of her Name, Image and Likeness. Britiville, LLC also holds a lifestyle and experience division.

Executive Leadership

Briti Black- Founder & Chairwoman
Matthew Landon- Chairman, CEO
Kiara Harris, esq.- Chief legal counsel, Chief of staff

Mon-Fri 11:30 am - 7:00 pm (est)

All requests to license Britiville, LLC intellectual property must be submitted directly to the forum below and the property must be listed in the subject field. To see a list of property visit the portfolio or the copyright page.

Britiville Consumer Products

Britiville Consumer Products is a division within Britiville Licensing that brings brands along with franchises into the lives of fans through products like t-shirts, books, food & beverage, toys, and more.

About the institute
The Matthew & Briti Foundation & Archive is dedicated to the preservation of the private repository of materials owned by Britiville, LLC, World of MLS Company, LLC and both libraries that includes papers, photographs, audio and video materials, memorabilia, personal effects, a wardrobe collection, and more. Featuring Briti Black, Matthew Landon, and subsidiaries.
Matthew & Briti Virtual Archive Exhibition. Coming Spring 2023.


Haus Blk, LLC is an multi award winning entertainment production studio and distributor. Garnering 57.6 million audience retention viewership across all platforms and media. From award winning original TV series, Films and animated films. Haus Blk productions have even showcased at international film festivals. Haus Blk is a powerhouse in independently run studios.

Crrt Cve Studios is an American film, TV, Streaming and Podcast production studio in South Carolina founded by Matthew Landon & Briti Black.

Briti~Bliss Productions was founded in 2018 as an animation production studio.

30th St. Releasing is the Media distribution and sells division for BEG.

Briti Black is and remains one of the most iconic women. Renowned for her beauty, business mind and artistic creativity. Briti has captivated audiences with unforgettable moments from hosting award winning series and creating magical artistic film creations that have been seen around the world and brought joy to the world over. Briti also is known for her sultry and sexy work that catapulted her in front of millions of new fans. Briti with her business intuition and entrepreneurial mind along with her instinctive sense of her own worth led her to create Britiville, LLC with legal partners to ensure the protection of not only her brand, image and likeness but works to preserve and sustain that very image and brand with its partnerships and her work with other studios and brands. Briti Black is one in a trillion talents that forges courage, and conviction with her talent and beauty.

3/16/23: Briti Black is no longer on "Manyvids" Due to the negligence and unprofessional response from the staff. Briti was contacted to provide a specific item and the staff refused to accept any emails from her business britiblack.com email. After providing multiple documentation that it was in fact her the staff still refused to accept her emails. After Chief Legal Officer Kiara Harris, esq. Stepped in they closed Briti's Account without notice and or payment she was owed. Kiara is in contact with federal regulators and other proper authorities.
3/10/23: Kiara Harris is appointed to Chief Legal Officer and Chief of staff.
11/9/22 | Britiville Licensing , LTD have begun issuing a Commercial Use License to productions and studios working with Briti Black.
However this license is for the productions and promotion of said projects she is starring in only not for any service or products.
Briti Black, Name, Image, Likeness remains the sole copyrighted property of Britiville, LLC.
Any Projects filmed then not released and kept for private use and not specifying in written or verbal agreement will void under US law under "Fraud and False Representation" the model and usage agreement and must be released or surrendered and said agreement will be fully terminated under penalty of usage law.Sincerely,
Kiara Harris, esq.
Chief Legal Counsel
Britiville, LLC